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Three dimensional vibrating screen
Three dimensional vibrating screen filter,Using professional vertical vibration motor,By technology optimization,Through the motor end up and down the installed oscillator(The unbalanced weight),The motor movement into levels、Vertical、Three dimensional vibration of tilt,Then the composite vibration is passed to the network coverage and materials。Materials in the sieve surface movement forms,By changing the motor vibrator phase Angle as well as the quality of the oscillator,There can be multiple trajectory,According to the material sieving and filtering requirements can be adjusted accordingly。

Swing sieve
HM-YBSSeries swing sieve is hurricane on high precision sieving equipment。 This equipment can meet the production,The design of the high density screening。Effective to simulate the artificial screening movement principle,In accordance with scope of fine and ultra-fine powder and particle materials,Suitable for screening of the material。

Ultrasonic vibrating screen
  HM-CSeries of ultrasonic vibrating screen is our company based on years of experience in fine classification,Is developed“High precision、High stability”Ultrasound screening machine。We will be220V、50HzOr 110V、60HzInto electrical energy18KHzThe high frequency electric energy,Through the ultrasonic power input transducer ultrasonic cleaning net,Turn it into18KHzMechanical vibration,Huge ultrasonic acceleration to ultra micro powder,To inhibit adhesion、Friction、Pancake、Wedge into the screen blocking factors, etc,Improve the screening efficiency and network efficiency。To achieve the purpose of efficient screening and network,Makes the ultra micro powder screening for easy。Is suitable for the users to use fine powder。

Linear vibrating screen
HM-ZSSeries linear vibrating screen is composed of motor vibration、Screen box、Mesh screen、The vibration body、Vibration damping device。  The horizontal vibration motor as a power source,Make the material on the screen was put up forward at the same time as a straight line,Can be equipped with a single layer or multi-layer sieve classification in order to achieve、In addition to the noise、In addition to powder、Inspection、Washing、Dehydration, etc。Feed port of material into the machine,Through the multilayer sieve to produce several products and substandard on the screen、Undersize respectively from their respective outlet。Can be used in the assembly line automation in operation。  With low energy consumption、High efficiency、Simple structure、Easy maintenance、Fully enclosed structure, no dust pollution, etc。  In the chemical industry、Food、Metallurgy、Mine、Building materials、Food、Abrasive、Fertilizer、The granular coal industry、Fine powder

HM-GSeries of high-precision screen
HM-GSeries high precision screen is my company in order to solve ordinary three dimensional vibrating screen single capacity is insufficient、A single screening accuracy is not high and the development of products。The equipment after continuous technical improvement and experiment,The optimized equipment structure more reasonable、Production more efficient、Use more stable。 To go through“Exquisite”Screen design makes it<Effective screening area>Compared to common vibrating screen has doubled!So as to greatly improve the screening efficiency,Achieve fast、The purpose of efficient screening。

Standard CNC screen test
HM-300Powder grading standard analysis screen type is set、Liquid filtration for the integration of standard sieve analysis;Applicable to the laboratory,Quality inspection room for particles、Powders granularity structure precise analysis,An analysis of the test of the liquid solid content and sundry。With low noise、High efficiency、High precision, etc。

Slap screen
This machine is mainly composed of frame structure、Screen with parts such as transmission mechanism。Can be equipped with special fixture,The clampingф200The experimental sieve,Can clip againф75、ф100Set of screen,The clamping convenient and flexible,The clamping firmly,And can automatically stop。HMSeries of blows type detection screening various characteristics of products。Apply to ordinary abrasive grain composition inspection、Superhard materials production classification and LiaoDu check,Also widely used in geology、Metallurgy、Powder、Chemical industry、Construction、Cement、Medicine、Defense departments such as scientific research、Production、The laboratory,Screening tests on the material。

Φ200Standard test sieve sieve box
The screen is mainly to cope withHM-300Type、HM-Standard CNC test screen,Necessary to test sieve machine accessories。Can cooperate with other needsΦ200Inspection of sieve box used equipment or manual inspection alone!Mainly used for granular material particle size analysis test,Widely used in abrasive,Ground,Metallurgy,Pharmacopoeia,Chemical industry,Building materials industry such as granular material screening test。

Hurricane henan mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing co., LTD

Hurricane henan mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing co., LTD is a comprehensive company engaged in mechanical and electrical integration,Cover the design of the equipment、Production、Processing、The installation、Commissioning of a complete set of equipment of automation control of the professionalism of the company。Product packaging equipment、Conveying equipment、Dust removal equipment、Filtration equipment and vibration equipment series, etc。Our factory has advanced production equipment,Strong technical force、Modern testing means、Perfect after-sales service,Strict management system、Good enterprise honor,Products all over the country。 Through the design of engineering and technical personnel carefully,Research and development of different series of equipment into modular design,So different...

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